Privacy Policy

GIFsDownloader’s privacy policy helps to show how we collect information from all the users and visitors of our website. Along with it we also take care about information optimization and disclosure under this section. All the associated services and products with our website will also come under our privacy policy.

Personal identification information

The process of collecting personal identification details from our website will be done in various ways. And we also optimize the connected services, features, activities and resources. We are liable to collect data from users’ side for all the services we are catering to them. This website is not bounded for any kind of users. Users are not bound to share any kind of information until unless they visit our website, however we don’t ask for any credential detail. Users can refuse to share information if they do not want.

Non-personal identification information

GIFsDownloader can gather users’ non-personal information associated to identification if they visit to the website. And this kind of details collect information like “computer’s type”, “browser’s name”, “technical information”, however user’s connection with the website can also be picked up as information.

Web browser cookies

To offer better and improved experience to our all visitors, we can use the cookies. Cookies are considered as the information packet for the website stored at user’s computer at local drive. If in case the requirement comes, the website record can be tracked using cookies. With the local setting on the computer, one can restrict the cookies and its storage on computer. If the user does the same then, there may be chances to lose proper functioning of some links of website.

The Way We Use Collected Information

GIFsDownloader can pick up the personal information of the users for the below jotted down reasons:

  • For adding up quality of the website
  • For sending emails after proper interval

The Way We Preserve Your Information

We have different measures and guidelines to protect the information we gather from our website’s visitors and customers. And using our information protection tactics, we save the authorized access for the website. It simply assists to keep away threatening factors. However, it is also helpful to protect personal information that includes the name of user, the transaction information done by user, password of users’ computer and much more.

Where We Share your personal information

  • We don’t share/rent/sell personal information provided by users.
  • We don’t leak your information to the outsiders.
  • We are working with various third party websites so, if users’ information is not personal then, it can be shared with such websites.
  • To share information of our users with third party websites, we always take permission from our users.

Third party websites

There is various third party websites floating advertisement or services over our website. These websites may be our sponsor, service provider, or supplier in simple or in-direct manner. Associated third party websites have their own way to explore content and information, so we are not liable what they show on their website. And the information that you can see at third party websites associated with us may vary without any prior information. The terms & conditions for other website will also be different.


Advertisement details and information available on our website via advertising partners can be saved over users’ computer via cookies. Cookies permit reorganization of users’ computer through ad servers. The information saved via cookies helps to understand the interest of users. And related information will always be sent into users’ mailbox. With our privacy policy, not any advertisers are bound to use advertising information.

Google AdSense

Few ads over the website will only be catered by Google only. Google uses Dart Cookie for recording information. The number of visitor’s visit to the website through Google Ads impacts the benefit of Dart cookie. This kind of cookie will only save non-personally identifiable information and never track personal information for the dedicated users. The information will include:

  • Users’ name
  • Users’ email address
  • Users’ physical address

And much more. To opt and understand the Dart cookie benefit as well as its privacy policy, you can check

Changes In privacy policy

GIFsDownloader can make changes or update the privacy policy at the time when need comes. If we revise the privacy policy, we will mention the date to change that at the bottom of Privacy Policy. And when we change the privacy policy, we always notify our users and customers thru emails. We urge to our users to always take care about updates we send to their mailbox.

Users’ acceptance of these terms

All the users need to follow and accept the privacy policy mentioned here. If in case, any user does not want to accept our privacy policy then, it is a request from our end not to use our website. Users need to always accept the deemed changes.

Contacting us

Terms of Services: There will not be any refund or cashback, if any script from our website will be sold to other client via email.

PS: The stated TOS are supposed to be accepted when users contact us thru email or calling us. For any query that is connected with Privacy policy of GIFsDownloader, you are welcome to connect with us.

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