How To Use

GIFsDownloader is a free Facebook GIF(s) downloader which assists to download chosen GIF(s) image(s) to your digital device be it is laptop, desktop or mobile. It’s unique GIF images downloader which is one of its kinds and only takes few seconds to download and save GIF images from Facebook to your device. The process to download GIF Facebook image is simple and self-explaining. It works for all operating systems so you will not have to worry about to use specific OS to download GIF images to your computer.

Below jotted down steps are for downloading GIF images from Facebook using our flawless web platform:

  • Open your Facebook account or the specific page where you liked the GIF image/post
  • Click to that specific time of GIF image or post from the selected Facebook page/post
  • The URL for your GIF images will be like
  • Copy the link for GIF image you want to actually download and save to your digital device
  • Paste the web address for your Facebook GIFs into the input box seen on our website
  • Click on download button near to the input box where you entered GIFs web address
  • At the next page, you will be able to see “click here to download” button, proceed to download GIF image

Note: The same steps will be applicable to download any GIF image from Facebook pages and profile. To download GIFs images from Facebook profile which as categorized as personal account, the post should be set with public privacy rights.